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Employment Law (Seminar)

This Seminar is concerned with the law which governs the relationship between employers and

employees in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Particular emphasis is placed on contracts of

employment and the effect of the common law and legislation on such contracts. The course

analyzes circumstances when a dismissal may be justified and situations when such dismissals

may not be justified and situations when such dismissals may not be justified. In addition, the

lectures will outline in detail the manner in which legal arguments are to be presented at the

Industrial Tribunal. Students will also become familiar with relevant legislation, judicial

precedents and the interpretation of the law relation to employment.


Prospective students are those who may wish to know of the legal problems arising from the

employment relationship and the possible solutions to those problems. Such persons may come

from a cross-section of the community including those who work in industry and commerce as

supervisors and managers. The course will equip the student with the knowledge of the scope,

sources and function of employment law in today’s sophisticated working environment. Included

in the syllabus are the following:

  •  Distinction between Employees and Independent Contractors

  •  Instances where the Common Law Prevails

  •  The Effects of Vicarious Liability on an Employer

  •  Constructive Dismissal

  •  Employees’ Entitlement to Sick Leave, Maternity Leave and Family Leave

  •  Termination (Redundancy, Termination with Notice and Summary Dismissal)

  •  Fundamental Breach of Contract of Employment

  •  Discrimination in the Workplace and Unfair Dismissal

  •  Change of Ownership of a Business

  •  Sexual Harassment

  •  Settlement of Trade Disputes Procedure at the Industrial Tribunal


Human Resource Management (Seminar)

This Human Resource Management Seminar provides an opportunity to be a strategic planner

who is capable of writing strategic goals that accomplish results. Build a high performance team

by learning the rules of engagement while focusing on some of the critical aspects of Human

Resources, including Employee Recognition, Change Management, Recruitment and

Performance Management.


Law for Human Resource Managers (Seminar)

This one-day Seminar for Law for Human Resource Managers is designed to ensure that Human

Resource Managers meet the criteria which is necessary to perform tasks upon which they may

be called and will ensure that the H.R. Manager develops skills in Employment Law, Procedure

in Industrial Disputes and Litigation.

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