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(System of Shorthand: Gregg)

Shorthand is a vital tool for college students in the taking of verbatim notes and for the production of recordings of meetings and conferences. It provides transcribers with the ability to produce accurate records of vital proceedings. In addition, Shorthand is invaluable for secretaries or PAs who frequently take dictation and whose employers require transcribed notes on an urgent or regular basis.


Aim of the Qualification


This qualification tests shorthand speeds from 50 to 120 words per minute in all recognised

shorthand systems including Braille and Stenograph and also people training to become

journalists, reporters and for other roles involving the accurate transcription of the spoken word.



  • To provide the student with the knowledge of the principles, e.g., its purpose, structures

          and presentation

  • To guide the student in writing a verbatim record of dictated passages using shorthand at

           specified speeds

  • To guide the student in the reproduction of the verbatim shorthand notes to accurate and

          mailable manuscripts in English

  • To develop an awareness of the command of the English Language.



Study material is included.


Registration Deadline for the Fall Term is scheduled for 15th August each year.

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