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The LLB (External) Degree Programme offers you the opportunity to achieve a University Degree at an affordable cost without the inconvenience of having to travel abroad.




Lectures will be conducted at Institute of Business and Commerce in a non-campus environment. Our Lecturers have wide range of legal qualifications and are practicing Attorneys at the Bahamas Bar. Apart from lecturing and tutoring, staff will assist in examination techniques and preparation. Effective instructions will be offered in an atmosphere of personal concern for the developing student.



Institute of Business and Commerce is a private Institute which was established in 1991 and is registered with Ministry of Education and the National Accreditation and Equivalency Council of the Bahamas (NAECOB). The Institute is the first institution in the Bahamas to offer the Law Degree, Paralegal Studies and Associate Degree. IBC is also a teaching Institute for the LLB (Law Degree) programme.



The Overview (Introductory) Programme is an access course which is designed to prepare students for the LLB Mainstream Course. The Mainstream Programme consists of nine subjects for the two year and three year course and twelve subjects for the four year courses.

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