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(Certificate Courses)

Computers perform complex and repetitive procedures quickly, precisely and reliably and can quickly store and retrieve large amounts of data. Computer Studies enable students to develop an interest in computing and gain confidence in the use of computers. Students develop an appreciation of the wide range of computer applications in order to improve their understanding of the power and versatility of the computer and the benefits of its use.


Introduction to Computers



To give the student adequate knowledge of the basic hardware/software components.


Introduction to Computers

  •  An overview of Computers

  •  Computer application software

  •  Input to the computer The system unit

  •  Output from the computer

  •  Secondary storage

  •  Communications and network

Word Processing (Level I)

  •  Keyboarding

  •  Editing documents

  •  Formatting documents

  •  Using numbering and Bullet functions

  •  Printing documents

  •  Spell check

Word Processing (Level II)

  •  Advanced formatting and editing

  •  Multiple page documents

  •  Creating columns

  •  Merging documents

  •  Using graphics


Spreadsheet (Level I)

  •  Spreadsheet features

  •  Using the worksheet

  •  Creating a worksheet

  •  Editing and printing a worksheet

  •  Using formulas

  •  Formatting a worksheet

  •  Coping formulas

  •  Statistical functions

  •  Using the print options

Spreadsheet (Level II)

  •  Editing a worksheet

  •  Coping data

  •  Creating charts

  •  Enhancing the chart

  •  What-if problems

  •  If functions

  •  Sorting a table

  •  Querying a table

  •  Database

  •  Using graphics in Reports

Internet training

  •  Introduction

  •  Browsing terms

  •  Types of Internet Browsers

  •  Search engines

  •  Surfing the Internet

  •  Creating E-Mail addresses

  •  Sending and receiving information over the Internet

  •  Using E-Mail

  •  Printing and saving information from the Internet

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