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Students must be High School graduates or present proof of having attained that level. It is expected that students will have completed a course of study up to and including Grade 10, or preferably be Senior Secondary School graduates. Failing the above, it is suggested that the student enroll for individual private tutoring at IBC.

With respect to entry requirements for the Universities general entrance requirement for External students are as follows: Five BGCSE subjects, two of which much at least be at A-level, or an Associate or Bachelors Degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution.

Students may be considered if they possess additional strengths. Alternatively, at the discretion of University, consideration may be given to mature students which depend on their working experience, i.e., it will be determined more by experience and potential than academic standing.


All students seeking admission must submit an application and a non-refundable registration fee. A registration fee is required each term, except where full payment is received for the academic year. An additional fee will be charged for late registration.

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