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Institute of Business and Commerce is registered with the National Accreditation and Equivalency Council of the Bahamas. The Institute is also an approved center for Pitman Examinations in the United Kingdom. IBC is the first Institute in the Bahamas to offer the Law Degree and Paralegal Studies Degree

and Associate Degree courses and prepares External Students for the University of London LLB (Law Degree.)



In addition to the Certificates of attendance that will be awarded by IBC for Introduction to Paralegal, Paralegal Diploma and Associate Degree,

Certificates, Diplomas and LLB Degrees will be awarded by the Universities and Examining Boards concerned.


Students must have attained the age of 17 years and must satisfy the University of London's general entrance requirements for External Students:

Two subjects at GCE 'A' level and three subjects at BGCSE or GCE 'O' Level (at Grade C) or its equivalent; a Degree or an Associate Degree. Alternatively, mature students with impressive work experiences may be accepted without having acquired the above qualifications, which will be determined by

the University of London.


Persons over the age of 21 years and who do not fall in any of the above categories will be assessed on their overall professional/academic achievement.

IBC accommodates those persons who have not completed their formal education and also those who find it difficult to learn in a formal setting; and in order for others to be successful, they must receive individual attention until brought to the required level to enter into the setting of a traditional institution.


Associate Degrees from approved tertiary level institutions with a minimum of 2.5 and above. Some Facilities/programs may require a higher GPA.

Holders of Associate Degree from other tertiary level institutions approved by NAECOB.


Passes in five subjects of which at least two must be at the GCE 'A' Level while

the remainder may be an acceptable pass in BGCSE/GCE or equivalent.


IBC offers private tutoring at a time which is convenient to both Teacher and Students. Tutoring hours are flexible, particularly for students who work shift. Students meet twice weekly with their respective Instructors or they may combine the hours and meet once weekly. Private tutoring consists of either an individual or a maximum of three students. Every effort is made to satisfy the student's particular needs. Private Tutoring is suggested also for students taking BGCSE, SAT, College Prep, Mid-Term/Final Exams or any other examinations including correspondence courses. The teaching staff very skillfully identify the weak areas which students are experiencing and on which special emphasis will be placed.Provisions are made for students who are unable to read or those who have not had the basic academic training.

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