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Institute of Business and Commerce is a private Institution which was established in January, 1991 to meet the needs of men and women who, for various reasons, did not accomplish their educational goals. The Institute makes every attempt to fill a void by augmenting the number of Institutions offering courses which cater to students who are preparing to take up employment in all areas of trade and industry. IBC is the first Institute in the Bahamas to offer the Law Degree (LLB) and Paralegal Studies.

Registered and approved by NAECOB (National Accreditation and Equivalency Council of The Bahamas).


All subjects including the Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies Degree is recognized and registered by the Ministry of Education and National Accreditation and Equivalency Council of The Bahamas(NAECOB).




Registration Deadline for the Fall Term is scheduled for 15th August each year.


IBC has assigned on its staff dedicated and experienced Lecturers, which include practicing Attorneys, Lawyers, Accountants and Computer Specialists who have had a long association with the education system and who are capable of identifying weak areas which students may be experiencing, hence emphasis will be placed on those areas. The faculty-student ratio is one to ten which encourages individual instruction and discussion-style teaching methods.  Students may expect to receive personal and individual attention in small group classes.



Prospective students will be required to complete a simple application form and provide an official photo identification (Driver's License or Passport). Students pursuing a Degree course must submit copies of relevant academic transcripts and certificates for exemptions from single subjects. In absence of the transcripts and/or certificates students may arrange to challenge individual subjects by means of an examination at the Institute.

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